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Disaster-Prevention And Recovery For
Business Computer Systems

 Data loss can be devastating. It can cripple your business and your employees.  Without solid backup and disaster plans, data recovery takes more time and expense to recover.
Data disasters tend to strike when you least expect . . .  at the absolute worst possible times!
Small businesses without a formal in-house computer support function are especially vulnerable to these potentially catastrophic risks.

Is this you?


 Computer Toolz is here to help you with data recovery regardless of your current backup procedures. We work with Linux, Unix, Windows, Novell and many other server systems.

 Who is Computer Toolz and how can they help protect your business from data disasters?

 Computer Toolz is a total network solution and service company who can help protect your company's computer systems against unplanned downtime and potentially devastating data losses.

 Call us even if it is only one file you need recovered. We understand that one file could have days or even months of your time and money in it. No data recovery job is too small! Your company's well being and data are important to us.

 Have you ever lost a few hours of work on your computer?

Now what would happen if instead of losing just a few hours of work,
you lost days, weeks, months or even years of your irreplaceable company data?
Can you really afford to put your business at risk?
Are you ready to get started fixing this right now?

  Most of the time, small businesses don't pay much attention to computer security and data protection until it's too late.

 But with so much misinformation out there on sound data protection procedures, even well intentioned business managers often inadvertently leave their companies wide-open to major technology catastrophes.

 Ignoring basic computer disaster recovery planning can be very dangerous to your company's survival. Just because your company is a small business doesn't mean it's immune to big data disasters.

 As do your Fortune 1000 counterparts, you probably have several mission-critical software applications running on your PCs and network. Without full-time IT staff however, your company may be considerably more vulnerable to a major data disaster than you even realize.

 A small company, without Information Technology (IT) staff, can be especially vulnerable to losing electronic business records during a fire, flood, hurricane or tornado or something more basic such as burglary or disgruntled employee sabotage or even computer, server hardware failures. (Computer hard drives DO fail!)

 Over the years, dozens of studies have shown that companies in these kinds of dire straights rarely recover unless they have taken and properly executed certain proactive planning steps.

 As the information you need to run your business becomes both increasingly digitized and highly concentrated, planning for data disasters becomes more important than ever. Often the greatest threat isn't the potential for a data disaster to occur, but rather the massive denial that a data disaster could ever happen to you.

 If you rely on your computer systems for daily operations, it's time to get serious about protecting your critical, irreplaceable electronic information.

 Unfortunately, procrastination can be EXTREMELY dangerous.

 We take a very thorough approach to protecting your business from potentially devastating data losses.

         Disaster-Prevention For Your Computer Systems

           Back Up Your Data Before You Lose It

o        Redundant Data Backup Strategies for Businesses (On-Site and Off-Site)

o        International Data Corp. (IDC) has estimated that roughly 80 percent of small business and home office PC users have crucial data on desktop PCs and notebooks that are not backed up regularly. (The most common mistake we come across)

o        Setup a simple, highly effective media rotation plan

o        Keep your backup system reliable and secure

o        Supplement your backup system with other low-cost data protection options, For more information on our remote data backup plans, Click Here

o        Protect your company by integrating your backup system into overall security plans

o        Avoid common backup system mistakes

o        Take specific proactive steps to ensure your backup system works in your time of need

         Virus Prevention for Internal Computers

o                    If your office depends on the Internet and e-mail, you simply cannot afford to ignore virus protection measures.

o                    What you don't know CAN hurt you! In fact, today's viruses and security vulnerabilities make the primitive pre-Internet-era viruses seem utterly inconsequential.

o                    Left unchecked, computer viruses can cost your business enormous amounts of money in lost data, unplanned downtime, hampered productivity, as well as interrupted communications and a damaged reputation with key business partners.

o                    Computer Toolz can help protect your company from these nasty, debilitating digital gremlins.  Build an extremely powerful line-of-defense against computer viruses with very low cost, simple techniques  . . . protect your company from data loss, unplanned downtime, productivity drains and damage to your reputation with clients and business partners.

                    Conserve your technology budget for projects that contribute to ROI (return on investment), rather than eat up your profits. Computer Toolz has extensive experience with disaster recovery due to virus infections. In each instance, either no or outdated virus defenses were in place and standard precautions were not taken simply because of lack of attention to this area. Even with virus prevention measures in place, your systems can still receive infected media, but the virus would be quarantined and dealt with to limit potential damage.

                     We can pinpoint whether or not each technology asset is properly protected against viruses . . . you can't afford to guess when the stakes are this high . . . don't let your systems become "virus bait"

                    Computer Toolz can provide you with the right antivirus software for your systems . . . steer clear of buyer's remorse. Not all software provides the right protection for your systems!

                     Prevent your coworkers from inadvertently introducing viruses into your crucial systems. 
. . . leave this to chance and a virus infection occurrence becomes more of a "when" than an "if"

                     Devise company policies and training programs that minimize the risks of employees spreading viruses both within your company and outside . . . overlook this step and you may alienate your valued clients and business partners.

                     Design a data backup plan that helps you recover in the event of a severe virus infection . . . your backup plan may be your ONLY peace of mind during a virus crisis.


         Server Backup and Restore

o                    How will your server Backup and Restore Procedures Fare When Put to the Ultimate Test? Computer Toolz will test your backups to verify proper function.

o                    A backup system is a lot like an insurance policy. You install the hardware and software, rotate the tapes, monitor the log files and occasionally get to do a simple restore job -- all the while keeping your fingers crossed that you never have to deal with a real-live data disaster under crisis conditions. Everyone sleeps better "thinking" that the backup system will come through in your time of need.

o                    And that's exactly the problem. Because small businesses rarely have veteran computer support personnel who have been through multiple data disasters, emergency recovery really becomes a chaotic, highly risky proposition.

o                    Computer Toolz will help ensure that your company has the right backup solution and testing procedures in place to help stave off a data disaster.

 We want to make it as quick, easy and inexpensive as possible for you to start protecting your company against debilitating business computer system catastrophes.

 If you don't have the luxury of having a full-time salaried computer support person in your company, we can handle this area for you.


 "Computer Toolz helps businesses plan, implement and protect computer systems. This can save your company money, not only in the short term, but also down the road by avoiding pitfalls."

Are you in the middle of a disaster recovery? We can help!

 Computer Toolz can provide you with disaster recovery technicians to help you get your business back on line.

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