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 Network Software

 We pride ourselves in the ability to support, install, or upgrade a wide range of Operating Systems and Applications Software to create very stable solutions for our clients. Our Software services encompass virtually all Microsoft software, Virus protection, Database, and mail services such as Linux Mail Servers, Microsoft Mail Servers, Internet, Web Services and Statistics, and we even offer 24/7 Monitoring for Network Reliability.

International Data Corp, (IDC) has estimated that roughly 80 percent of small business and home office PC users have CRUCIAL DATA on desktop PCs and notebooks that are NOT BACKED UP REGULARLY. (The most common mistake we come across)

 Starting a new business? Have an existing company with way too many vendors? Or do just need help with certain aspects of your business systems?
 How would you like to be able to call one company to handle all of these services?

 Computer Toolz offers some of the most comprehensive business and home ISP and ASP services available.

 Computer Toolz has created a client base of businesses that employ 3 to 50 people but can't afford a full time IT Manager or computer specialist. Our clientele is comprised of very satisfied business managers who appreciate the fact that they can have a network of computers that run efficiently and inexpensively without the need for a full time computer technician; an employee that would cost them upwards of $60,000 - $100,000 (not to mention benefits and other perks). Call us to cure your technical problems.
 We can accommodate all of your needs including premises network wiring, software and hardware purchases, and complete network design starting with a single computer all the way to multiple server environments.


 Our services include technical support ranging from your home computer to complete business network repairs and support, custom software, secure web applications, computer hardware, software and peripherals, networking, nation wide internet access, web design and hosting, business phone lines ( including long distance), merchant accounts including credit cards and check by phone or internet, fractional to full combination voice and data or full data T-1's, PRI's, and OC3 data lines, consultation services, network security/surveys, disaster planning and recovery.

 We support, install, and train you how to use many types of network appliances including printers (all types), Data Storage, and Data Backup appliances that attach directly to your network. We also offer secure, remote off-site backups for increased data security and peace of mind.

 Internet Connectivity, Data Security and Multiple Office Networks.

From Nation-Wide Dialup, Frame Relay, T1, and Virtual Private Network (high security) connections, no matter what your needs we will step in and take care of all requirements to get your network connected to the rest of the world, safely and securely.
 Multiple locations? No problem.
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